Herbal drinks have been brewed since primitive times, both as flavorful refreshments and as remedies. Herbals teas contain no tea. It is actually an infusion or beverage made h steeping fresh or dried plants other than the plant of Camellia sinensis in boiling water. They are herbal drinks made from flowers, herbs, spices, fruit, berries, or other plants. Chamomile and lemon verbena are common herbal tea.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Miniature Tea Sets

Miniature tea sets, which are now beloved by children, originally were created in the nineteenth century by salesman who used them as samples for homemakers.

The widespread production of miniature tea tables and porcelain tea sets enabled girls, friends and their dolls to imitate adult lavishness as they practice the social rituals of polite society.

The children learned how to emulate the behavior of their mothers at tea parties. The demand was so great that children’s tea sets became their own niche product.

Each cup holds just a sip of tea and the girl can hold the pot in the palm of her hand. The girl uses the set to host tea parties for her dolls.

The miniature tea sets could be used to instruct girls in the elements of social behaviors and their play was often supervised.

However the sets appears to have decline possible because unsupervised plat was common at present.
Miniature Tea Sets

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