Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valerian tea and health benefits

Relieve all types of tension and cure intractable insomnia with nice tea made from the heliotrope (valerian) root. Studies showed that valerian has a soothing effect in the entire central nervous system. Even when a person is extremely agitated a cup of valerian tea can relieve that ‘hyper’ feeling with its calming effects.

Valerian tea calms the mind and alleviates insomnia, nervous headaches, upset stomachs and hysteria.

To prepare valerian tea, it’s necessary to make a cold infusion. Valerian is sensitive to heat and important healing properties may be lost of this herb is brewed with boiling water. Sweeten the tea with honey or sugar for improved flavor.

To sleep all through the night, it is suggested to sip valerian tea sprinkle with a bit of powdered ginger. A migraine headache will go away, if the patient drinks tea made from valerian root. A few sip every day will prevent these vicious attacks.
Valerian tea and health benefits
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