Herbal drinks have been brewed since primitive times, both as flavorful refreshments and as remedies. Herbals teas contain no tea. It is actually an infusion or beverage made h steeping fresh or dried plants other than the plant of Camellia sinensis in boiling water. They are herbal drinks made from flowers, herbs, spices, fruit, berries, or other plants. Chamomile and lemon verbena are common herbal tea.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Basil, lemon (Ocimum × citriodorum)

Lemon basil is a tender annual easily grown from seed.  It needs to be planted in full sun in well drained rich soil.

Basil is a native to southern Asia and Africa and hardy in zones 9 to 10. It grows to a height of 30 cm.

Lemon basil is use in teas also soups, stews, vegetable dishes, pesto, and desserts, drinks, and jellies.

Lemon basil can fully flavor an herbal vinegar, oil or salad dressing without a lot of other additions.

How to make herbal teas? Pour one cup of boiling water over 1 rounded teaspoon dried herbs or 1 tablespoon fresh herbs and let steep for 5 minutes, then strain.

The tea is a good remedy for colds, flu, catarrh, and digestive upsets.
Basil, lemon (Ocimum × citriodorum)


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