Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lemongrass tea

This thick-stemmed, dense perennial grass has sharply tapered leaves that emit a strong lemon scent when broken.

The name Cymbopogon derives from the Greek words kyme (boat) and pogon (beard – a reference to the appearance of the tiny flowers of plants in this genus.

Lemongrass makes a sprightly herb tea. There are believed to be many health benefits to drinking tea. The leaves are high in folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B.

Lemongrass is known to help improve digestion and clam nervous stomachs. It is also an antiseptic, and helps fight coughs and colds.

In East India, and Sri Lanka, lemongrass tea is a traditionally used to reduce fever and modern herbalists also use the herb for this purpose.

How to make lemongrass tea?
8 cups of water
1 cup lemongrass stalks chopped
¼-1/3 cup sugar
Bring the water to boil in a large pan. Add the lemongrass, remove from heat and let steep for 10-20 minutes. Remove the lemongrass and add the sugar to taste, stirring until it is completely dissolved. Serve hot or over ice.
Lemongrass tea

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