Sunday, October 15, 2006

Green Tea Basics

Green tea is becoming very popular today, although many people do not know anything about green tea it is considered to be something healthy and good, something that will improve the quality of life of the one drinking it, and it is very true.

For centuries people have been using tea as a special drink, sometimes as a ceremonial drink and sometimes used for medicinal propose, the benefits of green tea are not something that has been discovered lately but has been used and learned for many years.

There are many home remedies that are associated with green tea, it is known that many people use green tea as a relief for nausea, for treating skin and teeth and many other conditions.

The advantages of green tea are mostly famous for their ability to help people on a diet, the green tea diet has had great popularity in the west, and many people know about green tea because of the marketing effort made to sell the green tea diet products, but it is much more than a diet product or any kind of medicine that is used to assist in one or another pain or condition, green tea is a gift that can be used in many ways and in fact it is still researched and examined to see if there is more it can do.

For many in the west green tea is a blessing, the few last years has seen a sharp rise in the quantity of caffeine intake in most of the western world countries, as people drink more and more caffeine their bodies are becoming more dependent on it, and they are also responding to the huge amounts of caffeine in unnatural ways, many of us know the feeling of having too much coffee, and this is exactly why the green tea is so successful in the west, to relief westerners from the ever growing need of coffee.

There is no harm in drinking green tea and you may occasionally find a person who is treating himself by a green tea diet that lasts a few weeks, it has been found that green tea contains antioxidants that help the body regenerate energy and regain its power, it is true that this does not happen overnight, but when you start drinking green tea on a regular basis you will feel healthier almost immediately, especially if you are using green tea to avoid other, less healthier beverages or even behaviors.

Green tea is something westerners are not completely used to yet, and many have not even tasted green tea in their life, but the healthy quality that the tea has together with its ever growing reputation of being good for diet and for relaxation make sure that many will discover it soon, and these people may even be surprised at this alternative to the coffee and other caffeine loaded drinks.

Green tea is not the greatest drink in the world, but it can do only good, and a cup or two a day will only result in better life and wider smiles.
Green Tea Basics

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