Monday, April 06, 2015

Papaya leaf tea

Papaya tea is used like medicinal herbal teas and is best taken after meals, especially heavy meals. Papaya leaves contain papain, an enzyme that breakdown protein. The tea is therefore helpful in cases of indigestion and stomach disorder.

It is often combines with peppermint, which strengthens its stomachic properties and gives it a delicious tease as well. Papaya leaf tea also was considered good for gastritis and as a laxative.

Papaya teas are available in shops and the price differs enormously for different brands. Good teas made from young leaves, are more expensive but also more concentrated and come from biological plantations.

It was said that papaya leaf tea is a better oral enzyme therapy for cancer than the enzyme papain taken by itself, or than other substitute proteases.
Papaya leaf tea

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