Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lavender tea: preparation and health benefits

A shrubby plant of the Mint family, lavender will winter over in cold climates if carefully mulched. The name of this plant derives from the word lavare in Latin for “to wash”. Romans loved washing in lavender oil because of its clean, fresh scent.
It’s very easy to make a lavender herbal tea. Immerse two tablespoons of dried lavender flowers in one liter of hot water. Let it steep for 15 minutes. Strain the tea onto a cup. Sweeten with honey or sugar.

Lavender tea is good for insomnia or when the person wants to relax. It is good to drink in an infusion to calm nerves as well as to relieve heart palpitations.

Drinking lavender herbal tea can soothe upset stomachs and ease bowel movement and headaches. Inhaling the steam of hot lavender herbal tea can help clear the airways. Cool lavender herbal tea is an effective mouthwash.
Lavender tea: preparation and health benefits

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