Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Blueberry leaf tea

Blueberries (Vaccinium spp.), generally regarded as an excellent source of dietary antioxidant, are one kind of popular and healthy fruits worldwide.

The main bioactive compounds in blueberry leaves are similar as in other berry fruits, i.e., phenolic acids and esters, flavonols, anthocyanins, and procyanidins, which could also serve as an effective antioxidant resource or functional food ingredient. They have a number of different health benefits, including lowering fat levels and potentially protecting against hepatitis C. The leaves are also one of the richest sources of chlorogenic acid.

In 2008, researchers conducted a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food that focused on quantifying phenolic compounds and their antioxidant properties in blueberry leaf infusions, which have been shown to contain antidiabetes properties. Researchers found that the wild blueberry infusion exhibited the highest antioxidant capacity and free radical–scavenging ability.

Blueberry leaf tea were actually the simple water infusions of the leaves without any conventional tea processing steps. The tea sometimes flavored with dried blueberries to give it fruitier flavor.
Blueberry leaf tea

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